HTTP (HIMTI Togetherness and Top Performance)

HIMTI Togetherness and Top Performance, or in short is HTTP, is an event to welcome Binusian 2020 that are accepted in TI, GAT, MAT, CS. The theme of the event is The event itself was held at BPPT II Building, 3rd floor auditorium.
I arrived at BPPT Building by approximately 8.20 AM. I need to submit my NIM before entering the auditorium, for validation of our registration. And there was an IT showcase about apps and games for pc and mobile platform. When I entered, I saw zootopia played on the big screen. I went to the second floor, because some of my class friends that arrived earlier were sitting on the second floor of the auditorium. I sat at the middle section, row 3. I watched the zootopia until the film was cut and a man wear a robot suit entered the stage. The participants were all disappointed because the film was cut. And a man in a robot suit came to the stage, and a countdown started.
After the countdown finished, a band sang songs. After that, Clarisa Valencia as an MC came to the stage. But, there were supposed to be 2 MCs. But it turns out, the other MC, Sandy Alta, came late to the stage. There were opening speeches from Mrtin Arlando Teng as the chairman of HTTP, Jonathan Gozali as the head of HIMTI in Kemanggisan, Rionaldo Aureri Linggautama as the head of HIMTI Alam Sutera, and Fredy Purnomo, S.Kom., M.Kom. as the Dean of School Of Computer Science. A video appeared on the screen, and there was Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA, talking about 6 Success keys. There is a solo from Adam, and a game from the MC, and then break time at 10.50 AM for lunch.
At 12.40 PM, the event continued. There was a Talkshow from Nathanael, Reynold, and Christian, and also an award. There was another game about throwing ping pong balls into a bucket that is designed to be wearable on the head. And after the game, there was a Visualization about the road to be an activist in HIMTI. And around 15.10 PM, second break time started.
After the second break time, we were told to sat at the first floor of the auditorium. We sat in the ground for a moment, until the MCs came to the stage. After the MCs talk for a moment, Vibrant High band came to the stage to sang some songs. And then after that, DJ Angello came to the stage. We were jumping high and dancing with the beat. And after that, we grab the merchandise and went home.

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